MA in Environment and Society

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Student Testimonials

An outstanding programme in an outstanding institution

"For me, there are two main reasons why I love the MA programme “Environment and Society” at the
RCC. The first one is the RCC itself. I have never experienced such an open-minded and warm
atmosphere before. This great atmosphere forms the basis for the knowledgeable exchange at the
RCC. No matter how high someone is in their academic career, it is always easy to ask questions or
start a chat. Additionally, the programme’s coordinators do always have an open ear for concerns and
provide great help with the studies in general. The second reason is the programme itself. I come
from a background in philosophy. During my bachelor’s I sometimes felt lost on what to do with all
these great thoughts philosophers have presented over the centuries. Hence, I really enjoy the more
hands-on experience in my master's. We already did some excursions in the first semester, and we
have a course on presenting environmental themes outside of academia. Additionally, I enjoy the
widespread possibilities of electives. These electives or often based at different faculties, which opens
the opportunity to follow my own interests. For example, last semester I did one elective at the
geology and another one at the ethnology department. So, all in all, I can definitely recommend the
MA “Environment and Society” as it is an outstanding programme in an outstanding institution." (Anna W.)

Critical of status quo’s

"The MA Environment and Society is a program that is critical of status quo’s. Many of the classes proposed, mandatory or electives, are critical of the power structures the university and academia reproduce. The readings start first with the decolonial or feminist approaches and in the methods class, ethical considerations in fieldwork, especially as white/European positioned researchers, are taken seriously. I am very grateful to have found this program, otherwise I would have left the university after my BA, very disillusioned of academia." (Maya A.)

An all-around great experience

"Studying “Environment and Society” at the RCC has been an all-around great experience for me so far. Now, it can be very demanding and that is something that you’ll need to be prepared for, but you’re also surrounded by people who are excited about the work they do and truly care about their students.
The open-ended structure of the programme and the many electives allow students to pursue their personal interests in the broad field of Environmental Humanities even further (the only drawback is that there are so many interesting ones that you’re never able to take all of them..).
But wait, there’s more: The many researchers that the RCC hosts, seeing as they give students the opportunity to get into contact with and learn from people working in the field. The library is amazing, filled to the brim with all sorts of interesting books (the same drawback as with the electives, but I mean it’s a good one to have). There are many opportunities to go on excursions and meet people engaged in environmental and social causes outside of academia, which is a nice counterbalance to sitting in a classroom for most of the time.
Finally, and maybe most importantly, both the RCC with its kind and open staff and researchers and the quite small master's program filled with engaged and friendly students create a very positive, constructive and familiar atmosphere that just made me feel at home from the very beginning." (Lukas K.)