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PStO MA Environment and Society (2022)


Am I eligible to apply to the program?

Are there tuition fees?

Are you offering scolarships?

Can I apply for the program now if I want to begin studying the next year?

Can I apply if I am still finishing my first degree?

Can I send my application documents per e-mail?

Can I study this program part-time?

Can I submit a high-school diploma/maturation exam as proof of language proficiency?

Can I take less than 12 ECTS points worth of electives?

Can I take more than 12 ECTS points worth of electives?

Does an English C1 certificate from the LMU language center also count as proof of language proficiency?

Do I need to speak German?

Do I need to submit certified true copies of my diploma/documents?

How are applicants selected for admission?

How do I need to send the test results? Is a scanned copy sufficient?

How long does the application-review process take?

I already took courses in the Environmental Studies Certificate Program. Will I be able to count them toward the master’s program?

I’m not sure if I’m eligible for the Program. Could you have a look at my documents if I send them via E-Mail?

Is financial aid available?

Is it possible to do a semester abroad?

Is it possible to switch courses at a later stage?

Is it still possible to consider my application after the deadline?

Is there an ‘official’ recommendation as to which content areas to cover with my electives?

My English language test expired. Do I need to take a new one?

Until when can I drop an elective?

What are the requirements for international students?

What can I do with this degree?

What do I need to include in my application?

What if I am missing required documents for the application process?

What is the application deadline?

What is the basic structure of the program?

What is the difference between the new master’s program and the Environmental Studies Certificate Program?

What language will the program be taught in?

What proof of English language proficiency do you accept?

When can I apply for the program?

When will the master’s program start?

Which documents do I need to submit for enrollment?

Will I need to move to Munich?

Will the program provide accommodation?